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Beauty + Clinic integrates medical science and beauty care, We are a team of dedicated individual to thrive together in professional growth , self- knowledge, and harmonious community. We strive to create a unique environments to share with patients, offering comfort nourishment and delight in the application of quality skin and body treatments. Our clinics use safe, natural, and eco-friendly products. Enjoy the serenity of a tranquil environment with soft, soothing ambience and welcome you. We are not the biggest, but we are the best

  • Determine what you need to improve;
  • Providing the most pleasant patient;
  • Costumer Hotline : 0818118880


To Become a leader in Beauty Clinic Industries


  1. To elevate the standard of aesthetic medicine in the region.
  2. Make education about the dangers and cosmetics that are sold freely.
  3. Provide the right treatment at affordable price.

Our advantages

Beauty + is dedicated to contribute to the art, science and philosophy of Aesthetic Medicine

Certified specialists

Top specialist and surgeons only for a guaranteed success and maximum result

Present in major cities in Indonesia

Our centers are located in several cities in Indonesia


Our treatment and product are specially dedicated to make you always positive

Customer Center

Here to provide you with more information, answer any question you may have and create an effective solution for your needs

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085811118880 / 081284097870 / 081212123993 / 0818118880

Tigris Valerie (ig: @tigrisvalerie)

"Treatment yang saya lakukan di B+ Premiere yaitu Vampire Facelift yang menggunakan metode PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Setelah treatment, muka pasti memerah, namun setelah 3 hari, kulit wajah jadi lebih halus, cerah dan sangat kenyal."

Eve Agustine (ig: @ms.eveagustinew31)

"Di Beauty+ aku melakukan treatment Acne dan benar saja hasilnya, sekarang wajah aku jauh lebih baik dari sebulan yang lalu (setelah diperiksa dokter, ternyata aku terkena radang jerawat). Sangat recommended untuk kalian yang memiliki masalah dengan kecantikan wajah."

Agnes Flo (ig: @mrs.agnesflora)

"Thank you so much Beauty+ Clinic for making my double eyelid. It's really recommended lho! Aku suka banget hasilnya, sangat rapi dan sempurna. Boleh konsultasikan seputar kecantikan kalian di Beauty+ Clinic, dijamin kamu pasti puas!"

Fla Puteri (ig: @fla_puteri)

"Untuk kalian, baik wanita atau pria, aku rekomendasikan lakukan treatment di Beauty+ Clinic karena tersedia berbagai macam perawatan untuk wajah, tubuh dan rambut. As always, dokternya super cantik-cantik dan ramah, serta pelayanannya bagus. Susternya pun tidak kalah ramah. Terima kasih Beauty+ Clinic."

Christine Olivia (ig: @christineoliviap)

"I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup. Thank you Beauty+ for making my skin more glowing and flawless."

Mesen Yulianti (ig: @mesenyulianti)

"Today I went to Beauty+ Clinic to do Vampire Facial by dr.Vivie Heryanto. Don't be afraid of the blood, the new skin that comes back is like porcelain! Vampire facial is Microneedling with PRP. Generates collagen, refines skin texture, and minimizes pore and acne scars. Thank you Beauty+ Clinic!"


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